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Error Code Saxophone

So I own Destiny 2 on both Playstation and PC. I stopped playing my playstation account about when forsaken launched, but now with cross save I figured I would make a NEW blizzard account so I could play on my old Playstation account (and still have access to my PC account). The cross-save looks all fine on but when I go to launch the game through blizzard, I get error code [url=]saxophone[/url]. I was thinking that this was because I technically don't own the game on this new blizzard account, but I thought cross save was supposed to be free? I've looked at a bunch of forums on this error code and it's like trying to log into the game when you don't own it. So does this mean I need to pay for the base game? Or is something else going on? I do have the game on an external hard drive, and when I disconnect it and go onto the blizzard launcher with this new account (that is cross saved with my playstation account) it prompts me to buy the game. EDIT: I'm assuming I have to wait for new light to launch on October 1st. Even if I don't I would assume that would fix the issue.
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