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Destiny 2

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Symmetrist Veilにより編集済み: 8/19/2019 3:03:35 AM

Taken hunter exotic helmet: Vertigo Inherent

Name: Vertigo Inherent Armour type: Hunter Helmet ”So that’s how those Taken Psions do it...” Intrinsic Perk - Desolate Mirror: Dodging shrouds you in Taken energy and creates a Taken Doppelgänger that dodges in the opposite direction. Taken Doppelgänger explodes shortly after dodge. Fire your weapon at the Taken Doppelgänger to detonate it early. Lore: “So that’s how those Taken Psions do it... “ “A Ghost can cut their Guardian of life from the finality of death. So I ask you, are we so different from those enemies we call the Dark? The Worm, who rebirth. The Vex, who replay. The Taken, who reform. No. It’s all the same. The instincts of survival, inherent in all that wants to live. So, take up their knife. Cut them back, but not to destroy. Instead, claim a new power; one not so different to your own. Be, at once, the Dark and the Light. Survive.” — Transcribed journal entry from Ulan-Tan



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