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8/20/2019 11:45:19 PM

Equipping Aquired Emblems

Afternoon, Morning, whenever I have a problem I’m hoping to get insight on. First you guys do a pretty good job and have a game I enjoy. To that end there are some bugs that come up The one in question is an emblem problem. Basically I can’t equip or take from my collections. I know what you’re thinking and I’ve already checked; I have space to grab the emblem, I acquired the emblem before as it is lit up in my collections screen. However, when you hover over the emblem, it is treated as if I did not acquire it. I do not know if anyone has the power to look but my username is SeQret_Sauce. I have 2 emblems that are lit up as if I acquired them(and I did as they were both dropped from Zavala and Shaxx respectively) but there is no button to press to “reaquire”. I suspect this has something to do with when I originally received the rewards I did not have space in my emblems area to collect. They were treated as if they went to my postmaster, but when I looked nothing was there. I know this is a small request, but can someone please look into/give me the solution to fix? I would really like to try the emblems on. The emblems are called Honor of the Vanguard and Soldering Flame.



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