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8/21/2019 1:34:56 AM

Can't play keep getting pushed to orbit

Every time I log into destiny 2, and try to start a mission, specifically the shard of the traveller, it sends me back to orbit with the error code cabbage. If I try to just do patrols, I spawn into map, no npcs or other players are visible. And after a few moments, it respawns me saying I'm having "network connection issues" and its more of the empty world. I was first having the issue only when playing on my xbox one with my profile (girlfriends profile would connect perfectly on my xbox one). Eventually I tried playing on her xbox one with my profile, and it worked, was able to play for a couple days, but now it is giving me the same issues. Made a forum post 2 days ago, and still no replyl. Wth is going on? Why cant I play on my profile, when other profiles using the same xbox and internet works? I would really like this fixed! Or my money back...
#Help #cabbage



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