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Near constant Cabbage/Lettuce errors on PS4

Since the launch of season of Opulence I have been getting near constant cabbage/lettuce errors. I have never had connectivity issues with destiny before, and have no connectivity issues with any other games on my PS4. These errors occur whenever I try to load into any area, be it social or one of the planets. After loading in initially, no enemies or npcs will spawn in (including tower vendors and other players in he crucible) shortly followed by being booted back to orbit and given either a cabbage or lettuce errors. This is what happens majority of the time, sometimes npcs and enemies load in but that is usually followed by being abruptly spent back to orbit and give an error after 10-20 minutes. So far I have tried: -Clearing the console cache (I play on PS4) -switching between wired and wireless connections -reinstalling the game None of which have had any effect I use a model AC3100 ASUS router Any help would be greatly appreciated



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