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NightRaid™ [Xbox/NA] (PvE, PvP) New Clan looking for new members|JOIN US

[b]Hello guardians![/b] -Tired of not being able to do missions and other activities because you're a solo player with no connections or have a hard time finding randoms to help? -Are you a casual just wanting others to play with while your grind at your own pace? -Are you a new or returning guardian looking for a clan to be part of? -Or are you just an awkward degenerate weeb who's looking for more degenerates like yourself? Well you came to the right place! NightRaid is a new small clan looking for fun and chill people who just wanna experience every part of destiny while having a kick-ass time too. We might not have the numbers the bigger clans have or the experience ethier, but we sure do wanna try and grow into a big family of guardians that can all help each other grow as players and have a great time making bad jokes and talking about JoJo memes too! We're a clan for all aspects of destiny 2. PvE, PvP, Raids(on hold till more members join), Crucible, Gambit, NightFalls, Forges and More! ------------Requirements------------ -[u]Maturity[/u] is a must. We don't expect everyone to be serious all the time but do expect a level of adult behavior for the most part. -Must be [u]15 years old or older[/u]. We do not want rampant children in the clan for obvious reasons. -Must have [u]Forsaken and/Annual pass and be planning on getting shadowkeep[/u] Only reason for this is because there is a lot of content you would be missing out on if you didn't have them :( -Must be an [u]active player[/u]. We understand that not everyone can be on all the time and that life comes before everything else but we expect players to see destiny as an active hobby they do daily. -Must also have a [u]mic and Discord[/u]. We want to have members that can fully interact with every one else and be able to communicate easily with the clan but by not having ethier one of those underlined above makes that hard to do. -You also need to be active on discord and join our server as well to take full benefits of the clan. -------------------------------------------------- If you meet those requirements, you can apply now just by: 1. Up vote this and/or tell us why you wanna join 2. leaving a comment with your gamertag 3. Joining our discord server Our discord server! [ ]
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