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Seeking Guardians to help film Destiny 2 machinima!

Hello, and good day! I'm here to recruit you (yes you there) to be a part of something fun and awesome! We're making a machinima show (a big one, a great one) and we're doing it with Destiny 2. Which is why I am here. We're looking for some helpful guardians to help us with puppeting the characters when we film. We're starting production on PC come August 21st, which is when cross-save goes live for Destiny 2, so anyone with a working computer who wants to can help us! Even more, we have specific dedicated accounts for our characters, so you don't need an account of your own in order to help. You don't even need to own the game! You will log in to one of our accounts and use that one. All you need is a computer that meets the minimum requirements to run Destiny 2 on PC and a stable internet connection! We'll take care of the rest! Since this is our first season, we are asking for volunteers. We're hoping for a long and fortuitous run with our show and are wanting to build great working relationships with anyone who can help out. We believe in keeping around the people who help us out on the front end. It is a bit of a time-commitment and we recognize that. We're looking into ways to reward the people who volunteer to help us make this show and what we're leaning towards is paying for everyone's pre-order to get Shadowkeep (this is not a guarantee, just an idea of ours at this point and if the funding is there, we'll make it happen. Otherwise, we will find some way to reward people for helping us out). We have 5 main characters and are hoping to recruit 2-3 puppeteers for each so that it's not a tremendous time-commitment for any one person and scheduling will be easier. If this is something that interests you, leave a comment or send me a message and hopefully we can create something great together! Thank you all!
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