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8/16/2019 2:23:15 PM

Lumina hip-fire and Remnants

I feel like Lumina being incapable of hip firing when you have a Noble Round really limits the usability of the gun. I dont really want to ADS against Thrall running at me, but hip fire is an essentially gameplay choice with a shooter. Potentially change the Noble Round to be used upon holding down the trigger for a second and releasing? Often find myself using them by accident as well, since I'm used to hip firing often for every single other gun. As for Remnants, for Lumina and to an extent Thorn, I feel like they need their absorb range buffed dramatically. Feels nonsense to have a support weapon and then force yourself into danger in order to get the support. Thorn is less of an issue in that regard, but for PvP, assuming you can deal with the disgusting recoil and pointless 150 rpm, running out and grabbing a Remnant is basically suicide, and not worth it. On a side note, would prefer more impacting Noble Rounds that only stack to 3. Maybe give a small AOE effect, so you can hit everyone in a fireteam, as opposed to 5 rounds.



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