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8/15/2019 10:03:39 AM

I'm sick and tired of AFK Gambit farmers.

When I play Gambit Prime I solo queue. So when I get in I expect my team to not be the greatest. But the past 5 games I have played the entire enemy team and my own team have AFK-ed with macros. If you AFK in rumble or forges there is a code people stick to as to not be a nuisance. You lower your power for the forges and if you are in rumble you don't have a team that needs you to help. But in Gambit when people AFK without a full team they hurt their teammate's experience with the game. Bungie could find a way to get around macros but no, they say they are coming down harder on farmers when you report them. This does nothing to help the overall state of Gambit as players still will have to finish out a match with the farmers or deal with penalties themselves if they leave the game. I think this also speaks to the fact Bungie introduces grind with things like solstice armor that players can easily get around with macros. These activities that are artificially made important DON'T make the game better but hurt the community as many will cheese their way to the armor while those who like the activities are left with a sad state of a broken game.



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