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Destiny 2

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ShadowheartMCにより編集済み: 8/13/2019 12:59:42 AM

Book: Shadow’s War (page 54)

(7/10) Shadow pokes her head around the nearest ship cautiously. Her amber eyes flick past the line of guards standing by the edge of the hangar. She crouches down, thinking hard. "Shadow..." The voice of her ghost hovers at her shoulder. "Please don't do this again... you know the Reef is closed off to us right now-" "I don't care," she answers quietly but sharply. Her eyes burn with determination and anger. She had been denied access to the reef three times now since the Red War had ended. She couldn't get out any other way- even her own ship was monitored, even more closely now that the Vanguard knew she had tried to disobey their orders. In her mind, there was no reason the reef should still be closed. Unless something was going on. And that something involved Variks. She had been unable to contact him; even communication with reef go-ers was limited, and so was information. Any idea the hunter came up with was quickly squashed down- either by guards, monitors, or even her own ghost. Weeks had gone by, and Shadow was no closer to speaking to Variks. Or even knowing if he was alive. With a rush, Shadow dives from her hiding spot. "You're going to let me through this time!" She declares as she dives between a couple of startled workers for the nearest running ship. "Hey!" "Get back here!" "Stop her!" Shadow snarls furiously as her arm is roughly grabbed by a guard, blazing golden eyes meeting his, her sharp white teeth glowing. "You again!" He growls exasperatedly. "Yes, me again!" She spits frustratedly, ripping herself out of his grip and darting for the ship. It was no use- just before her hand grazes its smooth white surface, three more guards catch her. Desperation surges through Shadow's chest. "NO! Please, let me out! I have to get out to the reef!" Her pleas fall on deaf ears, her hands pulled behind her back. She sends a glare at her ghost, hovering nearby with a guilty tilt to his shell. The guard she had formerly escaped from marches up to her, gun in hands. His scowl tells her everything. "I warned you not to do this again, Shadow." Shadow's desperation quickly evaporates to fury. "You don't understand!" "We understand you're disobeying direct orders! No one is allowed access to the reef!" "Why?! They won't even tell me why! Is the reef even still there?! Did the Red Legion destroy them? Tell me!" From the corner of one eye, Shadow can see a small group of guardians forming, as usual. "Not her again!"      "I hoped she'd given up."      "[i]Damn[/i], she's crazy."      Their whispers send hot tears of anger swelling behind her flame- colored eyes. As she's dragged away, Shadow continues thrashing and yelling insults despite knowing its no use. She couldn't just golden-gun-away her own people. Shadow feels a sensation like tearing in her chest. The ship grows more and more distant from her, furthering the ever expanding rift between the hunter and the reef.



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