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オリジナルの投稿元: Help I have been Banned
8/11/2019 12:05:35 PM
[quote]Help I have been banned I do not cheat, i hate cheating, cheating is for the weak. I do not swear at other players, swearing is for the weak. I was only travelling to tangled shore to talk to spider to be able to unlock/open dreaming city and while we was travelling I went downstairs to get myself a coffee is that so wrong. Oh if it is possible could I be allowed to access my account and characters. If not could I at least access my Destiny 2 account and start my characters over again from Cowl21[/quote] There are 3 types of punishments for Destiny/Bungie. Bans, Restrictions and Suspensions. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE. BANS are permanent and apply to the whole game. The message usually says: "NOT SO FAST! This account has been banned." And looks like this RESTRICTIONS are temporary. The message usually says: "RESTRICTED! This account is temporarily restricted from _______." And looks like this If it is your 1st RESTRICTION it's USUALLY 2 weeks. If it is your 2nd RESTRICTION it's USUALLY 2 months. RESTRICTIONS can stack on each other, usually due to the severity and frequency of multiple reports overtime. So 2 weeks AND 2 months, so to most players there won't be a 2nd splash screen and the RESTRICTION ends later than expected. RESTRICTIONS USUALLY end during the reset of that week and not the day of. If you have had 2 prior RESTRICTIONS a 3rd penalty can either be a much longer RESTRICTION or a lifetime RESTRICTION from Crucible and Gambit or a full on lifetime BAN from the entire game. Sometimes you will be given a splash screen that looks like this warning you of an issue so you can fix it before a restriction is placed. In-Game Gambit/Competitive Crucible SUSPENSIONS are only 30-60mins and placed AUTOMATICALLY if you leave too many games in a short time span for ANY reason. Whether it be a ddos, error code or power outage. The message usually says: "TIME OUT! You left a ______ match before it was complete…." And looks like this for Competitive and Gambit They WILL NOT respond or message you. They WILL NOT tell why a punishment was issued. EDIT: [Recently (as of June 28/2019) SOMETIMES BNGSecurity will give a general reason why the punishment was placed. They look like this] They don't have to. They don't care. Loyalty. Time played. Content purchased. Gear earned. When you started. Intent. Threats. Begging. It is all irrelevant. They make the rules. We have to follow them. Break them and they penalize you. There is NO course of action to appeal any punishment issued. They WILL NOT lessen or remove any punishment issued for any reason. They've had this no tolerance policy since Day 1 of D1. It won't change anytime soon. The reasons most ppl have a punishment issued to them is: For some form of cheating (ddossing). Playing with cheaters (paying for a carry, sharing account info, or staying in a lobby with a cheater for too long and benefiting from their illegal actions). Or having consistently terrible internet connection that it affects OTHERS players and not just yourself. You may be playing fine. But to others you may appear as an unkillable red-bar. For most PC tagalongs: They are banned because SOMETHING installed on your PC was viewed as a POTENTIAL threat to D2 and those are PROMPTLY BANNED. The process for BANS and RESTRICTIONS involve reports coming in from players or their flag system towards an individual. The Bungie monkey at HQ reviews it. And they decide if it was warranted or not.



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