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Deadpylonsにより編集済み: 8/8/2019 2:26:48 PM

Planetary vender need more focus in the future

Good idea


Good idea but with new guns


Overall bad idea won’t work


I made a reply under another thread for an idea on what bungie could possibly do with these venders and a good number of people liked the idea. This thread is a way for that idea to get some traction and maybe someone at bungie sees it and does something with it one day. The idea was to have these venders not only have updated gear, looks and stats like how we got new things in D1, but also have these venders have exotic quest for the weapon that correlates to the planet they are on. These quest can be for both new and old exotics and some examples are... Sloan can do Touch of malice Ana bray can do pocket infinity since she already did sleeper Asher can do vex mythos Devrim can obviously do no land beyond Failsafe can do either dregs promise or trespasser Spider can do ghorn since he smuggles and works with stolen weapons and he already has a replica of it Ikora can do invective Hawthorn can have a big quest for a clan to create a gun/sword/armor that either represents the clan as a whole or the person and the role they have in the clan and whatever is made has the clans logo/emblem on it as a token of faith for that clan. Banshee needs to have arms day guns returning Amanda needs to sells ships that eververse has while having Tess sell cosmetics and emotes only, basically everything she does now but no ships. Faction venders need to return in general not just during a rally. And crazy idea but I just thought of this one. Brother Vance can give us a quest to relive moments in our past, with the use of the infinite forest, as an observer and reclaim not all lost or stolen gear but just the ones we were wearing on our guardian in D1 before the attack on the tower. I know I added a lot to the over all idea but I like the idea and I hope bungie does something with it one day. It will take time to do it but bungie has nothing but time at this point since the game is under their belts now. TLDR: venders need something to do so update them with fresh looking gear and quest



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