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8/5/2019 7:12:15 AM

More variety of SHADERS!

Please Bungie... I was on hiatus from Destiny 2 for awhile and was severely disappointed when I came back and there was a lack of utility in the shaders part of the game. Where are the one color shaders? Like the Pepto Bismol pink from D1 and especially the all black shader! Throw in some neon colors while your at it! It adds customization options and it won’t hurt gameplay—other than for those who are allergic to appalling jumping jelly bean hunters who would most likely be in lime green if there was one. And if it isn’t something you want to do, please tell us why not...? At the very least, shaders like these could be perfect for an event of some sort! Or maybe even a create your own shader mechanic...though that one may be too far fetched. Does anyone have any suggestions for shaders? I personally would be ecstatic for a all black shader. No light Grays. No whites. Just black! And different tones of black (darker grays) is fine for depth.



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