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8/4/2019 8:41:46 AM

I've Lost Everything - Recluse

In the last 30 hours, I've lost everything. In that time, anger and despair has overwhelmed me. I argued till the clan I had just been invited to play with turned into a cesspool of toxicity. Then I posted what could only be described as demonic ramblings and hate speech. Although quickly deleted in 10 seconds by myself, the mods saw. I had known the risk. 1500 Glory. 18 hours later, a mod contacted me asking if I was alright. I gave a noncommittal answer. I wasn't, but its not something you admit. Especially if you're like me. Help isn't a thing you can just ask for and failure is the only norm. About four hours after that, I knew I needed to leave. The admin was one-step ahead of me... or we were in sync. I crafted an apology and left. There was no excuse for my behavior. After that, I left my clan. My [u]real[/u] clan. The one I had been apart of for close to 3 years now. You'd probably know them. They we featured pretty early on by Bungie in the early days. One of the first. You'd know them. I had been on bad terms with them. Arguing... being disgruntled. None of them played on PC... or not anymore. And when they did, you could tell they were ignoring me. They were right to. So I crafted another apology to their admins. I never deserved their kindness. Now I'm alone. Solo-queing [b]still[/b] for Recluse... 2048 Glory... no... 1998 after that loss. Actually, we were getting stomped. A 4-stack again. So I left... This is the first time I've ever left a game in progress... huh. Hmm... What's my point? Yeah, it is a lot of belly-aching, my apologies. I'm sorry you had to hear that. If there's any point to this, its a suggestion: [u][b]DON'T GO FOR RECLUSE.[/b][/u] It's not worth the loss... I think I need to take a break.



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