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8/2/2019 9:56:27 PM

Spire of Stars, Balls not Destroying Ships

Since reset this week, my team has been encountering this as a huge issue. In the first recorded clip from Laiietta, you can see that sometimes the ball does connect with the ship properly, but more often than not, it's more like SharkTripFace's clip, the second one, where the ball just clips through the ships without a chance. Sometimes we can get to a damage phase. That was rare. We could never reach a second one. If we're doing something wrong, point it out, but this isn't our first time doing this Raid Lair. We only just started seeing these issues this week. I am not a programmer, nor a coder, but some ideas I've considered are: 1. Something is wrong with the ball/ball's collision. 2. Something is wrong with the ships hitboxes. 3. It's a visual error switching the active ship with an inactive ship. We didn't test this theory by throwing the ball at inactive ships, so it's a groundless theory for now. We are all playing on Xbox. Three of us are 750, the other two are around 710. Yes, we're only a 5 man team, but that's all you need for this lair. Please help us.



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