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Destiny について話し合おう
Talia Senduaにより編集済み: 8/1/2019 8:03:48 AM

Another terrifying dream about the destiny universe

Today I woke up from a dream which was at first good but later became absolutely evil. Let me start with the good beginning. In my dream I was a guardian fight for the city. During the red war a for centuries missing hunter visited me (a warlock), to tell me the traveller has chosen me as his voice. After she delivered the travellers message, she disappeared like a hologram. When the red war was over and I lost my ghost and also the traveller broke free, she visited me again to tell me it is time to become his voice (not the speaker). She broughte INTO the traveller via a portal. At first it was an awesome place. Then the dream changed to a later period of time in which I was for a few years his voice. The traveller in the inside had several level. The command level I was on was full of the colors red and black. Alien computers everywhere linked with lines of white light. In the middle a throne which I sat on and at the other consoles the former voice (also former guardians. The hunter which brought me to the traveller was one fo them). What at first seemed to be a honorfull duty was in the end some kind of slavery over humanity. The traveller in my dream was an evil machine with repeating routines to form the humanity to his weapon against the pyramid ships which are also not evil. They are under control by the 5th race we call [b]veil[/b] yet. The cores of the ships are bright, good AI's. The traveller fears them. So he send the veil to take control over them. Me, as his voice, had access to specific areas of his data bank so I could figure out what he has planned. Totally war. The veil should bring the ships to earth so the guardians can destroy his enemies without real effort since the veil are not that strong in his opinion. He wanted to throw away his allies. For him we're all just tools. So, I tried to contact Ikora via the communication device the traveller has in it and wanted to tell her what he has planned. The traveller interrupted the communication and arrested my privileges and usage of consoles. Then he send some sort of robotic humans (not exos) to execute me. The former voices, despite being no guardians, helped me to escape, so I could tell Ikora what the traveller wants us to do. And that's the point where I woke up. If I could draw I could show you how my brain imagined the "evil traveller" inside. Anyways, tell me what you think :|



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