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7/30/2019 1:42:47 PM

Timer on Zero Hour

Okay so I decided to do the Zero Hour mission. Haven't done Whisper or Juju before and the Transponder seemed easy enough to access. So I go in, nostalgia of the first Tower hits again, I notice the 20 minute timer and I bliz through quite fast. I get stuck on the Passage and realize I'm a moron at the end and find where to continue. Time runs out. Next try I've shaven minutes off the clock and on my way, I get to the maze part, read the map and go on. Time runs out. Man, doing this solo without help is just trial and error trash. And judging by the helpers on the ends of the jumping sections I'm quessing there's a boss. Right now the timer just ruins the whole thing, I can't take in all the enviromental details and I have to rush myself. For every mistake I make the run is doomed, I really hate the timer because it just makes this a groundhogs day. Every wrong move becomes a "You missed that one, try another" Wrong vent? Try another. Die? Try another. I don't even know if I'm clearing the first sections fast enough, 15 minutes or so when I get rid of the Walker? Am I doing it good or bad? But is this meant for a full fireteam? Can I even DPS the boss alone? I really really really really really really don't want to watch a walkthrough, but I guess I really really really teally need to spoil this for myself to get through it.



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