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7/30/2019 7:08:37 AM

Iron Banner Quest - Win streak not working for final step

After having played an insufferable amount of Iron Banner matches the last five days, I finally managed to reach the final quest step. Some user feedback: this step needs to be changed. It's just a massive FU, especcially because so much control is taken away from the player. I can play the best match of my life, if my team sucks, I still lose. I have barely any control over which team wins a match, but I do have control over how well I play, so make the final step about kills or captures, or how they turn to points and you need 250 points to complete the quest step. My win rate dropped from 55% to below 20%. The matchmaking took a nosedive as well. I either barely win, or get completely owned. I have won 3 out of 16 matches while on the final quest step. Still, I got lucky! I won 2 matches in a row, as can be seen here: But it still only added 2% to the progress. This step is already infuriating, but this crap just takes the cake.



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