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{PC, 18+, EU} Newly formed clan,

We started playing Destiny back when it first released. Grinding VoG to hit level 30, crying at every weapon possible in Crucible and of-course pushing Atheon off the edge with nades (L). Since D2 came out we have hopped between consoles and clans. A few of us are coming back for Shadowkeep and have decided to migrate to main our characters on PC when cross save comes in. We are looking to put together a group of players that just like getting things done. Be it quests, weeklys, raids, crucible, gambit - whatever goes. All we ask is that you are friendly and enjoy playing as a group! We are wanting to recruit people who are 18+, that way there is a general understanding to real life obstacles (kids, work, etc). As the clan is very new; the roster and clan XP is low, however we hope to get this up and running properly ready to kick start Shadowkeep and get some fireteams running the new content when it launches. A discord server is currently being set up for easy comms and messages, and will be a staple requirement if you join up (unless there's some super legit excuse ofcourse). Looking forward to playing! Drop a reply here or request an invite on our clan page:
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