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Recruiting those who love raiding!! [PS4]

Welcome to The Unknown! We've been around since D1 - raiding, doing guided games, dominating in crucible and teaching new players the ways of Destiny. With new season approaching, we're changing things up and looking for new members to join our ranks. We choose quality over quantity because our clan is like a second famiy to everyone, so if you're just looking for easy engram, this is not the right place for you. However, if you wanna be a part of a family, make friends, have fun and become better - then you're in the right place. Requirements: - age 18+ - have discord - 30+ full raid clears In case of not having 30 clears you may still applie for a trials period after messaging the clan founder. You must at least be 650 and have done year 1 raids. We welcome seasoned raider and crucible gods, and young lights as well. As long as you're willing to learn - we're willing to teach. If this sounds like a sweet deal, message clan founder or reply to this post. P.S. We're maxing out at 50 P.P.S. wanna find out what the title means? 😎



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