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7/25/2019 10:40:45 PM

Strum and Drang make an amazing pair, but it shouldn't be the only pairing for Sturm

I recently picked up the new Drang from Menagerie. So I decided to whip out the old Sturm and try out the buff it got. Wow this thing is powerful. Sturm with overcharged rounds easily competes with snipers in terms of damage while being far more wieldy. However while trying to test out just how much of a damage boost I was getting I noticed that Energy kills were not affecting my precision damage. You may remember that Sturm's original perk was that when got kills it reloaded your energy weapon. When your energy weapon got kills it gave Sturm a precision damage bonus until its next reload. This created a feedback loop. You get kills with the energy weapon to make Sturm stronger, then switch to Sturm and get kills to reload your energy weapon. Drang was the most powerful pairing for Sturm because its kills also reloaded Sturm, meaning you didn't lose the precision bonus by running out of ammo. Fast forward and Bungie adds the Overcharge Round buff and later buffs them again to hold more rounds. However the precision damage buff it gone. Well I went back and looked through the patch notes and apparently in S7 it was removed as a bug. Seriously, they called it "unintended". Ethics aside that leaves in our current situation. Now Sturm is a fantastic weapon when you have Drang. Without Drang it might be the worst exotic in the game. It's a pretty average Handcannon with a perk that is basically a less reliable Auto-Loading Holster for your energy weapon. That's absolutely terrible. Sturm is basically an exotic that takes up two weapon slots because it can't be used without Drang. Please do something to address this. I agree that Sturm should be at its best with Drang, but it shouldn't be worthless with out it.



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