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7/24/2019 3:20:17 PM

Could there be alternative outlets for communication?

Hey real simple query for any bungie staff. I'm really on these forums to learn info about the game, and right now the best sources of that are social medias which I'm not keen on, and this. Things like learning that I can workaround the invisibility glitch by clearing my pursuits (Would not have thought of that without Dmg64's suggestion in a thread which appeared and disappeared quickly) or learning about how to perform actions a little better or clearing objectives, goes a long way. But that data is often ephemeral, and disappears in the sea of complaints and vitriol that's become the modern standard of gaming entitlement. Could there be like, I know I'm dating myself here but like an RSS like feed or push notification instead of just things like "Hey we're making everyone aware of a glitch, we're working on it, here's your workaround in the meantime if one exists" or "we have a new mechanic in the game, here's some ideas on how to get resources so you don't pull your hair out trying to get it", that way we can just sort of play the game without having to deal with all this... this, happening? Looking forward to Moon's Haunted in sept, excited to see where the game goes, good luck.



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