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7/24/2019 1:26:07 AM

[PC/NA] Idolize - 5 year clan looking to add more mature and social players

Hello fellow Guardians. My name is Swerves, and I am here to tell you about a gaming community that is looking for strong-minded, mature, and motivated recruits. Most of our core has been gaming for a very long time, We are more than willing to learn from, or teach new members. We have some very simple yet firm rules, You must respect one another. There is no degrading comments, overt racism, Or derogatory comments. We also will have a minimum attendance level. We play across a few games as well. Our group always respects our team-mates, and our opponents. We’re a community of mature gamers who value social interaction above all else. Personality with character and honour is more important to us than elitist idiots. Our philosophy is to enjoy the experience of gaming, whether you're winning or losing. Idolize is an open and diverse clan with members from all over the U.S. We are an organized community and clan with staff ranks throughout. We're looking for people who're willing to help us push Idolize to the next stage whether that's being an admin or just a member. You're 100% valued in the clan whatever position you hold. We have no minimum age requirement, as long as you abide by the code of conduct. If you have any questions or interest in joining, our discord is: Our website is: Our Clan Profile: Hope to talk to you soon! English



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