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Destiny 2

Destiny 2 について話し合おう
ShadowheartMCにより編集済み: 7/10/2019 9:20:39 PM

Destiny 2????!!!!!!????? ;)

Greetings all! As you know I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus, since I left an awful situation irl but NEVER FEAR! ShadowheartMC is here! With more sh!t fanfic and Variks ranting! Whether it’s your favorite place to make fun of me or you genuinely enjoy shadow’s story... you have Phillip Rooks to thank!!! :)) that’s right! If you hate me and my story, blame rooks! (Love you) (If I have any fans in the crowd can I get a “thank you for saving Shadow, Rooks!” Please show my hero some love <3) anyway, to add to lore since y’all wanna be whiny brats about it, WHAT THE HECK ERIS IS BACK BUT STILL NO VARIKS?! WHERE IS MY MAN. BUNGO! Anyone have any theories as to what Variks is doing rn!?? I’d love to hear them! Now without further ado, here are my stories if you missed any, or it ya wanna relive the infamous page 3! Or for my new readers :) got everything from Shadows grimoire card, to when Shadow first meets Variks, to the POV’s of the characters, to shadows fight with Skolas, to her battle with the Taken King — all 47 pages And if you’re all caught up with those, here are the most recent pages for you :) Page 41: Rise of Iron Page 42: Ghost Fragment: Shadow and Variks Page 43: Flavor Text for “The Pacifist” Page 44: Happy Crimson Days 💕 Page 45: Lore for “Shadow’s Burden” Hunter Leg Armor Page 46: Lore for “Judge’s Jury” Exotic Ship Most recent, Page 47: Lore for “See You Again” Hunter Exotic Helmet (end of D1 story) New page will be posted soon, taking place in Destiny 2, finally! Thanks for reading! 💞💞💞



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