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7/23/2019 3:57:07 PM

Can't launch game - error code buffalo

Every time I open Destiny 2 I get the error code "buffalo" and my game force quits itself. I've tried numerous fixes listed below that have not solved my issue. Really frustrating since I got a new PC and was looking forward to playing the game on high settings. Here's what I've tried, still having the same issue though. - IP flush - Logging out of on another device (I don't even have Destiny installed on my other PC anymore) - Putting my profile as "offline" then connecting and putting it back online - Restarting PC and launcher - Scan and repair game files after install - Reinstalling all painful 90gb files Nothing has worked. I played Destiny 2 for about 20 minutes into the new campaign mission when I had to force quit on my old PC. I uninstalled the game so maybe I never hit a checkpoint to be able to get off safely? I'm really at a loss, so please any help is appreciated.



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