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オリジナルの投稿元: Wasnt given access to Forsaken when bought
7/21/2019 7:00:10 PM
[quote]I bought the Forsaken Annual Pass thinking it was just the regular pack for Forsaken because when I go to the normal page for Forsaken it is only giving me the option to buy the collectors edition and I don't want that I just want forsaken. The Annual Pass says nothing about it not giving access to forsaken it even says gives access to new end game content but to my surprise it says content missing which doesn't let me play the DLC[/quote] -_- Why don't you people ever learn? Forsaken is no longer available as a stand alone item. It is now only part of the bundles. The Forsaken Complete Collection contains Forsaken and the Annual pass and is[b] available for the same cost that Forsaken was sold for[/b] ($40us). They are doing this to remove obstacles and confusion with having numerous items in the marketplaces with different requirements needed for each. Base game and year 1 dlcs are included free just to make it a one and done package for new comers. If you very recently purchased your Annual Pass, you can try to talk to the retailer about a refund for it so you can put that money towards the Complete Collection, but a refund request is entirely between yourself and the retailer you bought it from.



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