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7/21/2019 1:12:57 PM


i was banned, i dont know why. i dont use cheat tools or debugging things. i dont chat either. (i honestly dont even know how to play the game correctly since i was still trying to figure out where i can Progress the main Story after reching the Girl with the bird and getting the ability to use the map) good Thing that i didnt buy this game or i would have been Pretty annoyed. the only Thing that Comes to my mind is that Nexus mod Manager which my Little brother uses for modding Skyrim, i think it is called "Vortex" now? but i dont even know if it was running whily i was playing. i had Performance Problems last time i played, also my mouse disconnected like 3 or 4 times while playing. also the Buttons on my mous sometimies have issues and are Pressing while im Pressing. which sometime lead into my rightclick scope getting scoped in and out repetedly. and the last Thing was that i suddenly lost Connection to the Servers. back then i thought we lost Internet Connection. but now i think i got banned already back then which lead to me losing the Server Connection. i didnt try to Login back since i was About to stand up anyway to let my litlle brother on the pc. could one of those Things lead into thinking that a tool was used because These are the only irregular Things i can think of. also would be nice to get unbanned and actually tell me what lead to the ban so that can avoid it, like for example a new mouse i was already thinking on buying, but i somehow dont think that my mouse is the Trouble maker, but something with the Connections is going on since we reinstalled Windows 10. ps i got no warning or emails what so ever
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