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ButteryChopsにより編集済み: 7/20/2019 11:27:10 PM

Another problem with connecting to servers (Error codes: Canary and Buffalo)

I can't maintain a stable connection to or bungie servers while my internet is averaging over 80mbps. I usually get a canary error, and once I try to reconnect to bungie servers I get a buffalo error code. I'm using an msi g65 laptop with a 1070-max q and an i7-850h plus 16gb of ram. I have also tried reinstalling the game and clearing the game cache with no success. I've also made sure nothing was being blocked by my router. At this point the only thing I can point to being the problem is my laptop hardware or something with my router not liking that there were two PCs connecting to servers. Any help would be appreciated.



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