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MysticTR1により編集済み: 7/18/2019 12:59:09 PM

Revoker Quest Conclusion

Having completed the quest a few weeks ago, here are my thoughts for what it's worth. The quest structure is actually really good. Get kills in quickplay and the encourage more players to enter competitive. Straight forward no bs. Earn points in comp but do not get punished for failure. The most important thing it has done, is change the PvP landscape a bit. Before the revoker Quest, you could play 20 games and never get snipped. It was ALL shotguns. The quest "forced" me to use a weapon I haven't touched since D1 in PvP. I hated the sluggishness of the few snipers I tested in D2. The best takeaway for me personally is that my sniping skills have improved drastically and it feels fresh approaching PVP with a new skill and weapon type. GG Bungie and thank you!



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