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Competitive PVP and what to do next.

With competitiveness being in people's DNA, it is only normal and a good thing that most video games take advantage of that by incorporating some competitive aspect to their games. With that said, any competitive scene must feel fair to all players, and for that to be achieved there needs to be a commitment from bungie to maintain the state of competitive play. Sadly, that isn't the case, the matchmaking is a mess, as a solo player you often play 3v4 with no slot open in your team for a 4th one to enter, you often find yourself not able to spawn resulting in another 3v4. This needs to bungie's priority, fixing bugs that make your game unbalanced. Competitive NEEDS TO FEEL FAIR. Pinnacle weapons are amazing, and we love you for that bungie, but bribing us into playing a game mode that's buggy and lacking isn't the answer.



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