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オリジナルの投稿元: Win but lose points and get penaltie
7/14/2019 3:28:11 PM
I think bungie is trying out live update services. Meaning, applying a patch while the game is live.. Which is failing miserably so far if that is the case. I just hope it don't screw over my friend. He came back to destiny. We played for about 2-3 hours in pvp and got him from 0 to 1960 glory and we decided to call it good until reset to get the extra comp points. Happy we chose that route, cause the game is dogshit right now. But hopefully come reset, he get's his points to get lunas and recluse. Also, played gambit yesterday and played on the ps4 exclusive map. I think anyways. It was a map I never seen in gambit before. But I don't play gambit enough to know if this map's been in the game for awhile. It's the one with conveyor belts rotating around the middle of the map.. Terrible map all around. But cool to see for the first time.



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