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7/13/2019 8:58:53 PM

Why is getting exotic weapons even a thing after the first time?

I remember one patch, Bungo said we'd see more exotic armor drop, than weapons... but I just don't see it happening. Here's the thing, though, my first SUROS Regime will always be the same as my second, third, fourth and twentienth. But my first Lunafaction Boots will differ from every other one... unless you buy two from Xur, that is, ha! So, let's get rid of getting exotic weapons a second time altogether, eh? I'd love to see a Nez's Sin with Ashes to Assets, a pair of Lunafaction Boots with Traction, and a Crown with Light Reactor... but I'm never even getting the chance with weapons I already have, that will never change, diluting the loot pool. Secondary solution: re-release Glass Needles. Tons of great ideas in D1 were just scrapped going into D2, like Skeleton Keys, Glass Needles, SRL, Faction Rallies being around all the time, fun Iron Banners, etc. So just bring those back, at least, so we can fine tune our builds and re-roll our exotics.



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