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Myth1cal Sn1perにより編集済み: 7/15/2019 9:03:56 PM

Add Daybreak to the Reckoning as a Permanent Modifier

Daybreak is the active modifier in Mayhem and Classic Gambit round 3. Just think of it, Mayhem for PvE players! I believe this could revive the Reckoning and no mechanics would need changed! The Reckoning is a very difficult activity for new players, but I still want it to be a challenge. Keeping it difficult without being impossible for new players, would be a massive change that everyone would enjoy! With this modifier we would no longer be forced to use what was once the OP combo, we’d be able to use whatever character we choose. This modifier would take the place of the third set of rotating modifiers, Brawler, Grenadier and Heavyweight. Daybreak is a modifier in Destiny 1 Nightfalls not a Super.



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