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7/12/2019 3:57:46 PM

Fireteam Creation Character Limit

Increase our character limit. Seriously. I try to make a Nightfall post dictating that I'm getting 100k, and therefore need characters above a certain level. After typing that basic information out, I barely have any room to type out the modifiers I applied. I try to make a raid post dictating that I'm doing the prestige version, or a challenge, and therefore need characters to have a basic understanding of the normal version of said encounter. [b]OR[/b] I'm trying to convey that I don't want people under 18 for personal preference. I don't have enough room to type out a full explanation on multiple things at once. Go back to how D1 fireteam creation was with more room to explain specifically what I need. Either: 1. Double the character limit. 100 characters isn't great, but it sure is better. OR 2. Add a post body. That way it doesn't take up fireteam post space, and allows me to type out a paragraph or two.



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