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Phil de Blancにより編集済み: 7/9/2019 7:35:57 PM

No Juju chest at Werner

My Titan cannot see the Bad Juju quest starting chest. I wasn’t sure in these early moments of the new activity, but later when my Hunter went to e Barge, there was the quest chest and I got my Invitation. Returning to my Titan later, there is still no quest chest at the Barge and no account-wise Invitation to explain this missing step… the first step. This is where the oh-so mysterioso minimal clue meant to entice shows how boring this mind-f*ckery actually is. How about clearer direction, professional UX team? So, please tell us what to do when we cannot start a quest. Addendum ; K, I see the Hall is on my Titan’s map now. Sheesh, why so obtuse? Develop a clearer and consistent Notification system for account-wide vs character goals.



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