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DarkBubsy420により編集済み: 7/10/2019 9:52:29 PM

I thought Bungie learned with Ace of Spades

TL;DR: Ace of Spades USED to start with an annoying quest step that legit ruined gambit for the first few weeks since teams were all competing to last hit invaders with handcannons. Lumina quest is even worse because it's encouraging players to compete eachother in spawn-camping invaders. So remember when Ace of Spades first came out, and the first quest step was something dumb like "kill 5 invaders with a handcannon" and it was REALLY annoying especially when it first showed up and everyone was trying to do it. Assists didn't count and it wasn't "kill 5 people while invading" no it was "kill 5 invaders with a handcannon" It sucked because not only was it difficult to do since you had to compete against your own team for the last hit, but also cause killing invaders in general is kinda hard to do especially since they usually invade with heavy ammo or a super. Plus it kinda ruined gambit as a whole since now instead of just playing normally or as a cohesive team your whole team would drop what they're doing and compete with eachother to get that last hit on an invader with their handcannon. Well Bungie realized this was a really dumb quest step, and changed it to something else. And I thought they learned. Nope, now we got this Lumina quest step which is even worse. Now you not only have to compete against your team to kill the invader, you also have to rely on them to not die to the invader, and you have to kill the invader within 10 seconds. And this quest step alone has really messed up Gambit right now. I played 4 games in a row yesterday where NEITHER team ever invaded eachother and NEITHER team was really trying to play the game. No, instead everyone is waiting on the opposite end of the map from the enemy wave, waiting for the enemy to invade so they can kill the invader within 10 seconds. And to top it all off, its the last step of the quest this time so people are actually committed to finishing it, not like Ace of Spades where a good chunk of people probably just got to the first step and said "well screw this, im not gonna try for this" And hey I get it, you're one of the lucky ones or you're a PvP god or whatever. You got your Lumina and you don't see the big deal, its an exotic, they're supposed to be hard to get. I agree, but it shouldn't completely derail an entire game mode and make people start fishing for some super specific medal and compete against their own team to get it. Please bungie, fix this quest step, make it something like "Kill 30 invaders" and have assists count, or something proactive like "Deposit 100 motes in winning matches" or hell just have the quest count if anyone on your team gets "Not so Fast" atleast then people wouldn't all be competing for the medal and would just try to play the game normally, just more cautious from dying to invaders. This quest step straight up makes gambit as a whole less fun because it's encouraging people to basically try to spawn camp enemy invasions.



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