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7/8/2019 2:12:12 AM

Shadowkeep is coming in a couple of months. So you **KNOW** you'll absolutely need a Clan to roll with as we head back to the moon!! [PS4/XB1]

We at [i]xAllegiancex[/i] ([b]xAx[/b]) have been around since the first month or so of Destiny, so we've literally seen (and been through) it all, both on Playstation and XBox. From the Vault of Glass on Day One to attempting a Crown of Sorrow on Day One...from Thorn/Last Word D1 PvP meta to the current Lord of Wolves meta...we Guardians of xAx have survived and thrived through it all! We're hundreds and hundreds of Guardians strong, from all over the place: North America, Europe, Australia, South Pacific, Asia, Africa, Middle East...literally, it doesn't matter where you are, we have Light-Bearers who are always looking to play with other like-minded Destiny fans! In addition to the camaraderie, we run events for ALL of the following (and more): --ALL the Raids and Raid Lairs --TRAINING Raids (you gotta learn the mechanics/roles if you wanna get good, right?) --Fireteam-Based events (The Menagerie, The Reckoning, Nightfalls, etc)--Normal AND Heroic --Weapon Quests (Lumina, Outbreak Perfected, Thorn, Truth, Whisper of the Worm, Legend of Acrius, etc)--normal AND Heroic --Gambit and Gambit Prime --Quickplay and Competitive (whether you wanna run for fun, knock out those Iron Banner quests, or get those Pinnacle Crucible weapons) --"Daily Bounties" type stuff (always on dat Glimmer/Enhancement Core grind) **[b]ALL OF THIS IS TOTALLY SALT-FREE[/b], because [i]why the heck would friends/fam even do that to one another[/i]?!** Come swing on by our website to join in on the fun ([url][/url]). Once you join, you'll have immediate access to our Events Calendar, as well as our Clan Discord server, enabling you to immediately join in on the fun. Doesn't matter if you're a super-casual player, or a hardcore sweat lord--You've got a home here with us. Can't wait to fight the Darkness alongside you, Guardian!



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