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DredgenTenebrousにより編集済み: 7/7/2019 4:07:16 AM

Finally feel bad for solo players

So after having a few days to really mess around with the Lumina I have found it to be a fun situation gun. Love running Greaves, melting point, and a Lumina/Wendigo combo on strike bosses! Also love the pure healer Warlock build. There aren’t really any specifically fun builds for the Hunter with it lol. However, how do you make a weapon that is LITERALLY useless for players that do stuff by themselves lol. Like WTF were you guys thinking 😂! I didn’t even think about it until I was running some solo nightfalls and stuff and realized I kept the gun equipped and it did nothing 😂. Yes I know this is a support weapon, but the least it could do is start health regen for yourself on remnant picks. So to Bungie, It was a good try, but may want to rethink it for next time lol. It’s basically a more useless Thorn.



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