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7/5/2019 1:14:25 PM

New clan *One Lucky Chamber* Accepting Everyone.

____________________4LC_______________________ We are a fun, laid back clan full of jokes and its never a dull moment in our group chats. We focus on whatever it is the group or a specific player wants to do. Being such a new group we haven’t had a full foot on the ground just yet, but within the short time we have been able to skim the surface a bit. As we progress and grow as a team we will tackle more challenging activities, and acquire more powerful loot. We are looking for active members but we do understand life takes priority, so come relax and have some fun, shoot some Thrall in the face with no worries of skill level or judgment. We ALL started somewhere and WE ALL have the same end game goal so WE ALL will help each other get there. PS4/US Based but all are welcome!



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