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7/3/2019 8:17:11 AM
2 Crashing Everytime I Launch Destiny 2 - Connecting To Servers

I just purchased the full game today and I am literally at my wit's end. To even think that these errors and crashes are still plaguing this game years after its release is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!!!! The amount of people that still have this issue today is just absolutely APPALLING!!!! I cannot launch my game without the App crashing and being forced to reset the app. I've tried everything from clean installing App, restarting my computer, moving the app folder, giving permissions on windows firewall, running the app as Administrator, closing all apps and even terminating all antiviruses to no avail. This is just unacceptable. I literally think Destiny 2 should just pack up and move TODAY from the $#ITTY app known as to Steam. I cannot access the game and I've only dealt with headache. To make everything even worst, the error code is always different. Any help would be excellent. I'm literally tempted to request a refund and just toss this pile in the trash.



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