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Lt Jalepenoにより編集済み: 7/3/2019 5:20:53 PM

Lumina quest bugged, seperation of steps for future quests. PLEASE

Not only am I being forced to play gambit, which I absolutely loath by the way. The quest itself isnt even working properly for me. "Defeat invaders in gambit before they kill any of your teammates" I have done that 7 times. I have tried my super, used hand canons in my both primary and special slot, sniper kills, even got a kill with the rose and its not registering. "But you have to get the kill within 10 seconds" half of those kills were way before 10 seconds. I deleted the quest, redid all the steps and tried again. Still. Nothing. I have lost all motivation to get this gun now. That being said, if we have alternate steps for exotic quests then guardians like myself wont get stuck and you wont force players to play game modes they don't want to play. There is absolutely NO REASON to not do this. You've shown you can do this with the thorn quest. If guardians want to get all the quest steps in Pvp then that's their prerogative, same thing for Pve players. Make it happen bungie. PLEASE.



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