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vxMugetsuにより編集済み: 7/3/2019 3:34:24 AM

Lumina just ridiculously underwhelming.

Let me just say that after 7 or so hours of On and off grinding I am not impressed. Actually to be point where I'm considering playing another game tonight. Yes it's a kinetic 150 that can 3 tap, yes you can pair it with a fusion rifle, energy shotgun/sniper. But folks, let me tell you no, just no. First off the biggest issue, this stupid remnant deal that we're trying again on a grindy exotic weapon, except this time it's legitimately worse then thorns perk. I get it promotes aggressive play, but imagine this right on console I have to win a gun fight with a hand cannon that has a laughable range stat, don't know AA value yet but feels non-existent, with a bad recoil pattern (up and right smh). Then go pick up that remnant find a teammate in a gunfight and HIPfire him on console. I mean I don't know what else really to say there are so many ways they could have gone about this one but yet again we have another dust-covered, vault stored exotic hand cannon I.e. Thorn, Malfeasance, Sunshot, Sturm, Crimson. You've seen the data bungie, please make some viable exotics like you used to. Not even considering the ornament and I'm usually an eververse regular. With that said season of opulence is the best content so far. But very disappointed, time to go play some halo.



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