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ToRni27により編集済み: 7/1/2019 7:02:48 PM

Feedback: Reckoning and the circulation with Gambit Prime How to improve it easly

I think you really did a good job to update Ada-1 and giving her all weapon frames each week. I think it is time to update the drifter season as well now. Please update the synthesizer so that we can use our synths for weapons too. Let us put 2 motes into the bank of reckoning. One for armor and the other one for a weapon. Weapons can only be created with motes on tier 3. You need 3 synths for a weapon mote like tier 3 armor. Tier 2 will not be changed; there you can get random weapon drops but you can not put any weapon motes into the bank so it stays a rare drop chance. [u]Example:[/u] 3 yellow synths will be formed to a weapon mote and will drop the following weapons: pulse rifle (oryx week) or sword (knight week). 3 red synths will drop sniper rifle (knight week) and SMG (oryx week). 3 white synths will drop auto rifle (oryx week) and sidearm (knight week). 3 green synths will drop scout rifle (knight week) and garanate launcher (oryx week). [b]Note: There are 10 weapons overall so for the hand cannon (oryx week) and shot gun (knight week) you need 1 synth of each.[/b] I think that the hand cannon and the shot gun are the most wanted weapons from this activity so it should be 1 synth from each color. Otherwise you could have 4 invaders in a team because everyone wants red synths for the hand cannon. This way people have a reason to play Gambit Prime more often to get enough synths for Reckoning and its weapons. Reckoning will give you a 100% drop chance of a specific weapon so people will enjoy to play it because they can traget their goal. People don’t feel that their time is wasted and the circle between Gambit Prime and Reckoning will be closed and feels good. Please also note that I can hardly find fireteam members for Gambit Prime via the Destiny 2 Application. Nobody seems to play it. If you improve it like written above than I am sure it will be much easier for me or anyone else out there who is looking for a team now and then. Thank you for reading Bungie!



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