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julianweltonにより編集済み: 7/1/2019 9:36:32 AM

A Competitive Ranking Suggestion

First of all, this wasn't my idea but I was browsing reddit and thought it was a great idea that should be brought over to the forums. Here's the link to the original thread ( Basically the idea is to institute seasonal Glory rank "checkpoints" which might mean, for instance, If you hit Heroic 1 you wouldn't be able to drop below that rank even after a losing streak. You could still, again for instance, lose any progress between Heroic 1 and Heroic 2 but this would help control your descent if you're having an especially bad night. So the system [i]might[/i] look something like Brave 1 (CP) Heroic 1 (CP) Fabled 1 (CP) Mythic 1 (CP) Legend (CP) It would be a bit of a safety net for less skilled players, making grinding for pinnacle weapons a little more tolerable, without removing the skill checks needed to climb the higher ranks. Not to mention when you finally hit those checkpoints it would feel like you actually accomplished something solid rather than how it feels now which is similar to trying to walk home with an ice cream cone in ninety degree weather. Thoughts?



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