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6/30/2019 10:58:10 AM

Inglorious Basterds Of D2 *ELITIST CLAN*

We are the Elistist of the Elite!!!! Requirements: 3.50 K/D 50+ Raid Clears (Lairs don't count) 10 flawless tickets in Trials 10 Gambit resets 250 100k NightFalls A dwarf uncle named Milt A subscription to High Times Call your basement a 'Command Center' Be willing to Cosplay while Raiding Love Anthem as well as D&D Watched every season of Dragonball Z and have the tattoos to prove it. Agree Han shot first Meet these requirements and our council that meets at Barts Beer n Donuts on Saturdays to plan our next angst rally will consider allowing you the privilege to join.



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