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Legolazにより編集済み: 6/28/2019 9:51:07 AM

Im still getting Error code: cabbage. Even when the nat type is set to OPEN.

So I played the strike "[b]Tree of Probabilities[/b]", everything was going good, till we acitvated the sparrows and we reached the next area. That's when we got no adds there, 15 seconds later I get kicked out with error: cabbage. I looked it up and opened port till I got my Nat type from [b]Moderate [/b]to [b]OPEN[/b]. Played the strikes playlist and started the same strike from the start with new people. Then I got to that area and the same thing happened with error: cabbage. [b]Things that happen to me[/b]: - start an acitvity normally then get to a point when all of our fireteam see no adds on the map, 15 seconds later I get kicked out with an error then the fireteam resumes the acivity with adds back again. - I see no people in the tower even the vendors then I get kicked out. What do I do now?



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