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JLMk75により編集済み: 6/25/2019 5:00:25 PM

Banned From making fireteams on the Companion app

So i had been banned from making fireteams on the app (I know serves me right) and it said that i would be unbanned on 25/06/19 and it has come to that date but im still banned, the message i get is "[b][i]A moderator has restricted you from opening new public fireteams due to a previous Code of Conduct violation. This ban lasts @banhours hours. You may still join other fireteams or create private clan fireteams.[/i][/b]". Is there anyone out there that can help me know when im unbanned, on my notifications it gave me an exact time when i would be unbanned today but i cannot get to the notification now as its too far down the list and without that ban message i have no idea when exactly i should be unbanned. Thanks, JLMk



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