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Veilfire07により編集済み: 6/24/2019 6:27:43 PM

The Revoker - This Crucible Pinnacle Quest is awesome ^_^

Can we take a moment to say how awesome the new crucible pinnacle weapon 'The Revoker' quest is ? For someone who has consistently avoided competitive for a long time I finally had the drive to chase this gun. I am always of the view that no game mode should ever punish me for playing it. Loosing streaks and bad match made teams leading to loosing streaks are why I always feared to invest time into this. And here we have this quest, daunting too, 300 sniper rifle kills, 50 precision head shots and 3500 glory. For someone who has never ever used a sniper rifle before I took it upon myself to face this challenge. I got into Iron Banner and wanted to try out the new Beloved sniper I got from the Menagerie. It has no distractions and box breathing and soon I realized that all along I have been missing the opportunity to play this game in such a different way. I am titan at heart I always rush in head on but with the sniper I had to lay back and work my shots. Some matches were awesome were I could land consistent shots and some were bad with me only getting a few kills in. The biggest incentive for this ? I will not loose progress over what I have worked for. If i win one comp match over the last 5 matches I will still make progress. A very slow progress but one that is a boon for many solo players. I am now done with my sniper kills and head shots and am slowly chipping away at that 3500. Hats off bungie. Thank you for making this one small change that will earn me my first pinnacle weapon ever. A Big thank you - An average crucible solo player :)



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