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Exotic armor idea

[b]Name[/b]: Ddraig’s Wrath [b]Type[/b]: Titan gauntlets [i]Color[/i]: Hot rod or crimson red, green jewel, yellow elbow and shoulder spikes [i]Style[/i]: armor gauntlets on lower forearms. Large jewel on backs of each hand. Plating arranged to look like dragon scales stacked on another. Single spike on each elbow. Pauldrons are moderately sized round type. Two shorts spikes on each shoulder [b]Perk[/b]: Tough Scales [i]Description[/i]: taking Arc and Void damage enhance your Solar abilities. Kills while your Solar super is active, extend the duration [u]Lore[/u]: It was supposed to be a routine scouting mission. Investigate a Cabal camp in the European Dead Zone, eliminate high rank targets, and get home in time for dinner. That is, until a Psion patrol stumbled undetected into his sniper’s hide. This Psion wasn’t with any regiment or company he’s seen so far. It wasn’t too long before the whole camp descended upon him. He ran through the forest and thick trees, stopping occasionally to fire back. [i]Sever.[/i] His whole body went numb and it felt like the air was knocked out of him. The sudden change caused him to lose balance, trip on an overgrown tree root, and tumble down into a ravine. When he regained consciousness, he felt unbearably groggy and heavy. He had a few cuts and bruises from the fall down. Sounds came from all around him. He was completely surrounded by Legionaries and Centurions “This don’t look too good. Doesn’t feel much better either.” “Our connection, I can’t feel it. Our powers are gone! Something terrible must have happened to the Traveler!” “Whatever happens, don’t come out. You’re the key to this.” His Ghost didn’t have a face, but she didn’t need one to hear the fear in her voice “Is this where I meet my end?” He looked all around to see guns drawn on him. Must be about 50. Every pair of masked eyes locked on him. He regained his breath and stood up. “No, this can’t be it. I need to get home to them. I need to make sure they’re safe!” He thought about his wives and children at home. He finally made enough glimmer to finally pay off all the land surrounding their large home. He would be damned if all his hard work would be for nothing! When he wed them, he vowed to love and protect them all forever. He promised their children would grow up happy and strong. The temperature started to rise. The air burned and crackled around him. A column of flames rose up in a spiral and surrounded him. His extraterrestrial powers are gone, but he still has his other power. When the flames dissipated around him, the surrounding enemy force was stunned. Before them now was a bipedal winged creature, standing tall and covered in red scales. Its roar was long and loud. It seemed to shake the ground they stood on. Then the creature spoke without moving its jaws, almost like a telepathy, a booming voice on a loud speaker “If this is my end, then by all the gods and demons in the pantheons, I will make this a glorious last battle! I will haunt the memories of any survivors! Your grandchildren will live in fear of the Heavenly Dragon! Now come at me!” Among the treeline, a lone Psion records this incident for later dissemination and translation



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