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オリジナルの投稿元: Redrix's Broadsword Quest Steps
6/24/2019 9:47:59 AM
Also, I hear people complaining about the quest being difficult. I just grinded rumble for 2 hours and won every match (except for two of them, I came in second but it still counted as a win so I kept the win multiplier). In those 2 hours I was able to get 2k valor reset my valor. This might sound snobby but if you are complaining then you must not be good at crucible. If you are bad then consider playing at very late hours like 2-4 A.M on a Sunday night. Legit half the games you'll play will have 2 or 3 inactives and really bad players. The other fourth will be all bad players and the last fourth will be good players. So basically just use very meta weapons like last word, bygones, and snipers like the beloved and submachine guns like the recluse. P.S have you considered not getting the gun also?



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